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On the heels of the critically acclaimed fact-based novel,

Olympic Affair: Hitler's Siren and America's Hero

Terry Frei has returned to non-fiction for his seventh

book, March 1939: Before the Madness, again

from Taylor Trade. He and Adrian Dater collaborated on

Save By Roy, released in November 2014.

Frei plans to complete a Young Adult novel, 

The New Kid, then move on to another non-fiction



Frei's non-fiction books are Playing Piano in a Brothel (2010),

'77: Denver, the Broncos, and a Coming of Age (2008),

Third Down and a War to Go (2007), and Horns, Hogs, and

Nixon Coming (2002).


The Witch's Season (2009), based on what he saw and

experienced while growing up as the son of a major college

football coach on a cauldron of a campus in a tumultuous

time, was his first novel.



Horns, Hogs, and Nixon Coming