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Twitter: @TFrei (formerly @TFOlympicAffair) 


On the heels of the critically acclaimed fact-based novel,

Olympic Affair: Hitler's Siren and America's Hero

Terry Frei has returned to non-fiction for his seventh

book, March 1939: Before the Madness, again

from Taylor Trade. He and Adrian Dater collaborated on

Save By Roy, released in November 2014.

Frei plans to complete a Young Adult novel, 

The New Kid, then move on to another non-fiction



Frei's non-fiction books are Playing Piano in a Brothel (2010),

'77: Denver, the Broncos, and a Coming of Age (2008),

Third Down and a War to Go (2007), and Horns, Hogs, and

Nixon Coming (2002).


The Witch's Season (2009), based on what he saw and

experienced while growing up as the son of a major college

football coach on a cauldron of a campus in a tumultuous

time, was his first novel.


Frei also has written three screenplays, done consulting work

in the film industry, and taken voluminous mental notes. 


He spent his early years in Eugene, Oregon, where his father, Jerry,

was a fixture on the University of Oregon football staff and the

Ducks' head coach for five seasons. When Jerry Frei moved to

the NFL, beginning a 30-year stay in pro football as a coach,

scout and administrator with the Broncos, Buccaneers, and

Bears, Terry moved to Colorado. He graduated from

Wheat Ridge High School in the Denver area and has degrees

in history and journalism from the University of Colorado-Boulder.

He worked at the Rocky Mountain News while in college

and joined The Denver Post after his graduation at age 21.

He's now in his second stint at the Post.


In his hiatus, he was sports columnist at the Oregonian in Portland

and then a pro and college football writer for The Sporting News.

The highlights of his work for the St. Louis-based magazine were 

major stories, most of them cover pieces, on eventual Hall of Famers

Jerry Rice, Emmitt Smith, Richard Dent, Charles Haley, Thurman

Thomas, Michael Irvin, and Larry Allen.


Frei also was an ESPN.com hockey columnist on a freelance basis for

eight years. He has won numerous journalism awards and has been

named sportswriter of the year multiple times in Oregon and

Colorado. He has extensive experience in radio hosting and television

guest appearances. On the newspaper front, he has covered the NBA,

NHL, MLB and NFL as a beatwriter and/or columnist; and has

attended many World Series, Super Bowls, NBA Finals, Stanley Cup

Finals, Final Fours, major bowl games, Olympic Games, and major

boxing events. 


Frei is a frequent speaker at schools and events, including at

veterans-oriented functions. He has delivered the John Paul

Hammerschmidt Lecture in honor of the World War II pilot

and longtime Congressman; spoken at the Wisconsin Veterans

Museum, the Wisconsin State Historical Society, and Lambeau Field;

and was a keynote speaker at the World War II Glider Conference

in 2010, when he appeared with many surviving heroes, including

Lt. Col. Jim Megellas, the most-decorated officer in the history of

the 82nd Airborne. At CU, he has served as vice chairman of the

History Department Advisory Board and chair of the Global Studies 

Resident Academic Program/International Affairs Advisory Board.

He still serves on the latter.  


Terry and his wife, Helen, live in the Denver area.


Terry has four siblings: David Frei of New York, the Westminster

Kennel Club's director of communications, long-time WKC Dog Show

and National Dog Show television broadcaster and a fellow author;

Judy Kaplan of Centennial, Colorado, a Spanish and English-as-a-

second-language teacher and community volunteer; Susan Frei Earley

of Tulsa, a noted former ballerina with the Colorado Ballet and other

companies, and now a company executive with the renowned Tulsa

Ballet, which performs around the world; and Nancy McCormick of the

Chicago law firm Barlit, Beck, Herman, Palenchar and Scott.


Horns, Hogs, and Nixon Coming

Third Down and a War to Go: The All-American 1942 Wisconsin Badgers

'77: Denver, the Broncos, and a Coming of Age

Olympic Affair: Hitler's Siren and America's Hero

One of the several tours on behalf of Wisconsin Historical Society

Barnes and Noble, Madison, Wisconsin


With Third Down and a War to Go's Fred Negus (Marine), Otto Breitenbach (Army Air Forces), Bob Rennebohm (Marine). 


With fellow author Richard Carlton Haney (When is Daddy Coming Home? An American Family During World War II) and Kathy Borkowski of Wisconsin Historical Society Press.


Growing up the son of a coach affected Terry's outlook. This is Jerry Frei and his illustrious staff at Oregon. From left to right: Ron Stratten, John Robinson, Jack Roche, Norm Chapman, Coach Frei, Bruce Snyder, John Marshall, George Seifert, Dick Enright. Gunther Cunningham was a graduate assistant. 


The top of Terry's (very long) second-ever published story, in the South Eugene High Axe, before he had his driver's license. It's about a man who much later almost became president and now is secretary of state. It was a different time.

The New Kid (and knee brace) in Denver with the Wheat Ridge Farmers

Covering the REALColorado Rockies and NHL

1987: Leonard-Hagler

1988 Winter Olympics, Calgary

1988 Summer Olympics, Seoul

Oregonian promo, 1988 Olympics

Super Bowl XXIX: 49ers-Chargers


In the White House with Bill Clinton, a major figure in Horns, Hogs, and Nixon Coming. Although Clinton's controversial draft status was an issue in the book, which presented revelatory material involving his discussions with Arkansas ROTC head Col. Eugene Holmes, Clinton praised HHNC in his autobiography.

Austin, Texas, 2002

Austin, Texas

As keynote speaker at joint reunion of '69 Texas, Arkansas teams



New York, with original Broadway stars of "Mamma Mia":

Karen Mason, Louise Pitre, and Judy Kaye. Acknowledging that

Terry could have been in ABBA.   

Earthquake! 1989, one of many World Series covered

1992 Winter Olympics: Albertville, one of many Olympics covered

At the starting line, Val d'Isere downhill, 1992 Olympics

1996 Stanley Cup Finals: Avalanche-Panthers, one of many Cup Finals covered

Super Bowl XXII: Broncos-Packers

2004 World Cup of Hockey, one of several international hockey events covered


With Third Down and a War to Go's Don Litchfield (B-17 pilot), Dave Donnellan (Army, Bronze Star), John Gallagher (Marine).

As WWII symposium keynoter. With James Megellas, most decorated officer in history of 82nd Airborne

Megellas web site: Medal of Honor for "Maggie"

First Denver Post press card

1984 Celtics-Lakers, one of many NBA Finals covered

1989: Leonard-Hearns,one of many major fights covered

Super Bowl XXV Jan 1991: Giants-Bills, one of perhaps 10 Super Bowls covered

Super Bowl XXVI Jan 1992: Redskins-Bills

Portland courtside: Paul Buker, Terry Frei, Rick Adelman, Kerry Eggers, John Lashway

1992 Summer Olympics, Barcelona

Super Bowl XXVII Jan 1993: Cowboys-Bills

Super Bowl XXVIII Jan 1994: Cowboys-Bills

1996 Summer Olympics, Atlanta

2007 World Series: Red Sox-Rockies