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Terry Frei's Institutional Knowledge commentaries


April 14, 2024: Pioneers return home. Party's just getting started


March 8, 2024It was 20 years ago today ... Todd Bertuzzi attacked Steve Moore


February, 2024: Two presentations to my MSU Denver Journalism Classes

"When I was Your Age ..." Encountering VVAW leader John Kerry and other adventures.

Subpoenaed and deposed in Ploetz vs. NCAA lawsuit: What would you have done?  


February 4, 2024: Sakic and Drury: Teammates, roommates, execs


December 25, 2023: A story for the season: A Magic Soccer Ball

December 21, 2023: Nathan MacKinnon has become "generational"


November 30, 2023: CU vs. CSU hoops: Once is Not Enough

November29, 2023: Massimo Rizzo sparks the Pioneers

November 26, 2023: Rams' ugly weekend in Hawaii

November 22, 2023: November 22, 1963

November 21, 2023: Buffs got worse as the season progressed

November 19, 2023: Lt. Col. John Mosley Boulevard

November 11, 2023: How close are the Buffs?

November 6, 2023: Rocky ... really Rocky ... Hockey

November 5, 2023: The wrong calls for Buffs


October 24, 2023: Logan O'Connor is better pro than collegian

October 15, 2023: To quote Eddie Murphy on CSU's win: "IT'S A MIRACLE!"

October 10, 2023Barney Chavous among selections to Colorado Sports Hall of Fame: '77 excerpt   

October 2, 2023: RIP Russ Francis ... he took my pitches downtown


September 26, 2023: So who's No. 1 in Colorado?

September 25, 2023: Buffaloes crash-land in Eugene  

September 17, 2023: Fifty-six years later to the day...

September 10, 2023: It almost felt like 62-36

September 4, 2023: The State of the Rams' program is perplexing 

September 2, 2023: An eye-popping opener for Sanders, Buffaloes


August 25, 2023: On Randy Gradishar: No, it's not all good now 


July 31, 2023College football guru Chuck Neinas gives Buffs thumbs-up

July 28, 2023When the A's were coming to Denver ... for "good"

July 27, 2023: Blame those who botched CU's Pac-12 chance


June 25, 2023: For Avalanche, Johansen trade worth a shot 

June 21, 2023: As Hall of Fame calls, reprise of tribute to Pierre Lacroix

June 19, 2023: Can Kroenke's Avalanche, Nuggets sweep in 2024?

June 12, 2023: Where does Nuggets' first NBA title rank among Colorado championships?

June 6, 2023: On the 79th anniversary of D-Day


May 25, 2023: Nuggets, Denver on center stage in NBA Finals 

May 21, 2023: Les Miz still is thrilling the 10th (or so) time around

May 5, 2023Still a horse racing fan ... and not just on the first Saturday in May 

May 2, 2023: In the end, Avalanche karma turned toxic


April 25, 2023: Another Nuggets playoff game ... and the night John Elway came to Denver

April 22, 2023: CU's spring game a Prime-Time show 

April 16, 2023: Former Columbine Principal: "It's got to stop."

April 15, 2023: Hockey is NOT new in Seattle

April 11, 2023: So who was Bill Masterton? 

April 6, 2023: Darned right, Rockies home opener worth celebrating

March 7, 2023: Give Stan Kroenke credit ... 


February 25, 2023: Denny Dressman continues his Rockies hit streak

February 18, 2023: MSU Denver Roadrunners wind down first season under Dan Ficke 

February 16, 2023: DU's Sean Behrens skates toward Avalanche

February 6, 2023: Buffaloes back on track ... for now

February 2, 2023: On Richard Thomas and stage's "To Kill A Mockingbird" 


January 27, 2023: CC vs. DU at Ball Arena: A big night for Colorado hockey 

January 26, 2023: It happened again. Again. And again. We have to do something. 

January 20, 2023: Bednar about to become franchise's winningest coach

January 14, 2023: Would you want your kid to play football?

January 5, 2023: Jekyll Buffs, Hyde Buffs


December 30, 2022: Taking some of the fun out of NHL OT

December 24, 2022: Coach Prime off to a fast start   

December 23, 2022: My stories in Mile High Sports Magazine Awards Issue

 December 16, 2022: 10th anniversary of my best book's release    

 December 13, 2022: DU's Aidan Thompson a NoCo breakthrough

  December 8, 2022: Rocky Mountain Showdown: Hoops 

December 4, 2022: CU welcomes Coach Prime


November 29, 2022: 20th anniversary of Horns, Hogs and Nixon Coming release   

November 17, 2022: On "My Fair Lady" 

November 11, 2022: DU's Carter Mazur chases the dream 

November 7, 2022: Stick taps for "Maxy" 


October 30, 2022: At CU: Balancing the interim with the future

October 25, 2022: Flashback: Bryce Harper in Grand Junction

October 24, 2022:The Avalanche: NHL's No. 1 attraction

October 18, 2022: Broncos are a mess ... but what can be done now

October 16, 2022: "Nations" sticking with CU and CSU  

October 14, 2022: Still have hopes for Olympic Affair

October 11, 2022: Comcast / Altitude fiasco unfairly defines Kroenke ownership

October 9, 2022: "Who should CU hire?" "Does it matter?" 


September 24, 2022: Buffs' problems are being replayed ... over and over

September 23, 2022: My 31st NHL training camp...and return of open dressing rooms 

September 18, 2022: On Ron Earley, Walter Payton and organ donation 

September 10, 2022: Yes, CSU Rams have a long way to go ... too

September 4, 2022: Ugly openers for CU, CSU


August 18, 2022: CSU Stalwarts playing for 3rd head coach

August 11, 2022: May the wait end for Randy Gradishar 

August 7, 2022: Karl Dorrell on low expectations and uncertain conference future 

August 6, 2022: CU's Tommy Brown still can say "Roll Tide" ... and mean it


July 28, 2022: Broncos, Hackett connect to past with zone blocking scheme

July 20, 2022Neil Armstrong's giant leap for mankind

July 19, 2022: Uvalde ignored the lessons of Columbine

July 10, 2022: Save the Pac-Whatever ... with CU in it 

July 9, 2022: In the wake of Avalanche acquisition of Alexandar Georgiev


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